Advice Page

This page contains various Tips and Advice to consider when looking for reclaimed goods:-


Whether you are replacing damaged or missing doors, or require more for an extension or new-build,  Reclaims Yard in Nottingham has a good selection of Reclaimed Doors in various shapes and sizes. If visiting our yard to view doors,  
Please ensure that you bring your measurements with you - preferably in INCHES.

If you are building new frames then it is always advisable to buy the doors first and then fit the frames to them, as most old doors, even if they started out as a standard size (i.e. 30” x 78”) will be found to be slightly smaller or not square,  having been shortened over the years to fit over Floor coverings, etc.

If you are buying doors for existing frames then it is always better to get a slightly bigger door and then plane them to fit unless you are fortunate enough to find one that is exactly right.

Please do not be put off by the rough state of some of the doors - I can guarantee that once the doors have had a good sanding and a layer of Bri-wax,  they will look stunning for years to come.


Where you need to replace a missing or broken part for a cast iron fireplace,  the best things to do are:
1.    Take a Photo of your fireplace
2.    Bring measurements in inches
3. For any missing parts,  make a template out of cardboard/newspaper of the shape and space the part needs to fit - this is especially good for dampers, grates & ashpans.
4.    Be prepared to make a couple of visits!


If you are looking to replace missing or broken tiles on a hearth,  please bring a picture of the tiles required and measurements in inches.  Please be aware that you may need to slightly re-arrange your existing design,  or add non-identical tiles that compliment your originals - this can work really well and the results can be better than the original design.