Other Services

DOOR STRIPPING - £30 PER DOOR (conditions apply:-)
  1. Please remove any Door Furniture Prior to Stripping
  2. Please mark (either by scratching, screwing or nailing) either the very top or very bottom edge of your doors so that you can identify them if required to.
  3. For part-glazed doors,  we recommend removing the glass Prior to Stripping. However should this not be possible,  we will handle your door with extreme care but have to submerge the glass. This process however, will be Entirely At Your Own Risk.  Occasionally glass has been known to crack, although this is extremely rare.
  4. Please note that you submit your doors for stripping Entirely At Your Own Risk - we will not be held responsible for any doors that will not strip. 
  5. Occasionally,  we discover that your doors have been painted for a reason - a minority of doors will have had many layers of paint to hold them together,  or they show burner marks from a previous method of stripping.  Unfortunately,  we cannot tell what your doors will look like until they come out of the tank but will advise you accordingly.  Thankfully,  these incidents are Extremely Rare.
  6. Very Occasionally,  doors will simply just not strip due to the type of paint on them.  Again in this incidence,  we can advise you accordingly.

We can restore your fireplaces back to their former glory and replace/repair any damaged or missing parts. This Process normally involves:-

🔸  Gently Blasting your fireplace back down to the bare metal to remove any traces of rust, paint and/or soot. 

🔸  We can then supply and fit all spares such as Bars, Ashpans, Grates, Shelves, Dampers and Firebricks if required.

🔸  We prime the metal to prevent rusting using a suitable paint  and then finally re-polish up with a specialist fireplace polish to achieve a 'gunmetal-effect' or 'graphite' finish.

Each fireplace is individual however,  and so occasionally this service can take up to three weeks.

Prices start from approximately £55 for a straightforward restoration (blast, paint and polish).  However should any additional parts or spares be required,  these will be added to the total cost accordingly.  Any further specialist services (e.g. Welding, waxing or other repair services), will also be in addition but we will advise and quote you for these.

We can arrange the repair and restoration of your Stained and leaded glass panels at a realistic price.  Ideally,  we like to conduct this work on our premises but also understand that in circumstances (I.e. Exterior doors),  that this simply isn't possible.  Where required,  we would organise for the work to be done in situ,  although this service can sometimes be more costly.

Our Stained glass department can also change the size and shape of panels, modify designs,  or simply duplicate existing panels.

Please visit our New Brick Yard on Radford Road to enquire about this service and bring any specifications in design and colour, as well as required dimensions and pictures with you.

We have access to a Very Talented and Highly skilled Stonemason with a wealth of knowledge in the Restoration of Historic Buildings.  For a closer look at his completed projects or for further information and general enquiries,  please Click Here.


We can arrange a complete fireplace installation service using fully qualified & registered fitters.

In addition,  we can recommend various Tradesmen for various other projects e.g. Chimney Sweeps, Building and Joinery Contractors to Floors and Sanding Services.

Local Deliveries are possible for a nominal fee and we can arrange Nationwide Pallet Delivery at cost. This means that the price that we are quoted is the price you pay! We do not make any profit on deliveries. However, obviously, distance and weight is relevant to the delivery cost and so please contact us with your full postcode for an accurate quotation.

For Brick deliveries however,  please contact Lee on ☎️0781 377 2329.